Hi, I’m James, I am an ecological consultant with over 7 years of experience in the industry, I decided to start this site as there is seemingly a lack of internet space dedicated to how to achieve ‘biodiversity net gain’ for a new development, which is surprising considering the new Environmental Bill (when made law) will soon mandate a 10% net gain for biodiversity for new developments.

This site is aimed at developers who want to bypass the jargon and awkwardly worded council decision notices, and at ecologists who want some inspiration on how to help their client achieve a net gain for biodiversity. Disclaimer: The information on this article is for general guidance on your rights and responsibilities – it’s not legal advice

All the best,

James Salisbury BSc ACIEEM


”imagination rules the world. The defect of our modern institutions is that they do not speak to the imagination.”

– Napoleon Bonaparte – 1800

‘…Action was a substitute for thought’

Oliver Rackham – 1990

“We need to move beyond guilt or blame, and get on with the practical tasks at hand.”

David Attenborough – 2019

Let’s build something together.