My Unofficial Entry into the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards…

By James Salisbury

The Comedy Wildlife Photo Award is a relatively new competition, founded in 2015, which hosts a yearly competition for funny animal photos. Winners get some awesome prizes, like an amazing camera and a holiday to Africa. The website promotes the Born Free animal conservation charity, where you can adopt an endangered species.

The following story is of my, unofficial, entry. In 2008, Norfolk, with my new camera in hand (and terrible haircut on my head – try asking an 80 year old Norfolk barber for a mohawk) I strode off down the lane to take bad photos of trees.

tree near my old house

My photography teacher was not impressed by my tree photos. A little while later it started to rain, so I started walking back. As I was walking home, I heard a rustling noise within the rough grassland meadow beside me. Slightly hesitantly, I edged toward the rustling noise and a beautiful (and terrified) female kestrel was starring back at me. I moved away for a while and it became obvious the kestrel couldn’t fly away. Being a bird lover, and a 16 year old, I slowly moved toward the poor animal, whilst taking photos.

and closer…

Drum Roll…

Boom! There’s the entry shot. A picture is worth a thousand words; sometimes though it’s just: ‘haha’

My photography teacher was still not impressed; apparently random photos of trees branches and occasional kestrels lacks congruity. After this photo I picked her up and tried to encourage her to fly away from height. It was getting dark and wet, so, not wanting a fox to take my new frenemy, I took her home.

  It seemed rather happy after I picked it up
(apart from the biting and scratching)

Too long don’t read: I placed her in a box with some hay and water (a lot more painful that it sounds) and the next day me and my dad released her in the same field; where she flew off without a problem. Below are some of the official finalists of the 2020 competition.

Some of the Winners and Finalists of the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography awards

Check out their full gallery on their website:

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